We have been informed by Nominet (the current operator of the .uk domain registry) that we are required to publish this information for the benefit of all of our customers.

Customers can contact us via e-mail to support (at) spilsby.net, alternatively they can contact us via (01790) 788219 or they can reach us via our postal address below.

Postal Address: Spilsby Internet Solutions, 72 Boston Road, Spilsby, Lincolnshire, PE23 5HH, United Kingdom

In relation to all matters concerning .uk domains or any such gTLDs that are operated by Nominet:

We will respond to any such communication within one business day and aim to resolve any such issues raised within three business days where such resolution is entirely within our remit.

If a customer wishes to complain about their .uk (or other gTLD domain operated by Nominet) sub-domain, we will accept your complaint via our customer portal or via any of the contact methods already provided above.

You may report abuse of a .uk (or other gTLD domain operated by Nominet) sub-domain where the IPS tag is SPILSBY to abuse (at) spilsby.net.uk.

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